GUAPPAL Company started after many years of work on planting, picking, trading and processing fruit, and most of the frozen berries, the idea was born to transform effort and knowledge into a beautiful, high-quality and healthy brand. And so thanks to this idea, the company GUAPPAL was created. The name GUAPPAL for us means something beautiful, white and the most importantly healthy. And that is exactly the quality of our brand. A nice clean design, inspired by nature, simplicity, and above all quality.
The fact is that the climate in this region is extremely suitable for the development of fruit crops, climatic conditions, a number of sunny hours and the quality of the land give the necessary precondition for the fruit we use to be of exceptional quality.

The location of the factory is in Belanovica middle west part of Serbia, and that part of Serbia is a central part of berries production in our country.

We are committed to delivering quality and healthy products in an attractive package.
GUAPPAL is mainly dedicated to working with berries because it is considered one of the healthiest and most deficit in the world, and the taste of berries is really intense and makes everyone happy especially the one who consumes it.

Modern times are looking for quality and healthy food, consumers are looking for brands that will not disappoint them on these issues. Caterers, bartenders, and mixologist look for all the ways that they can satisfy their customers and offer the best possible service. Our company has made it easier for all of them, they do not have to look or have much to ask, for the solution is a GUAPPAL Purée.
GUAPPAL Purée is the highest quality, and almost no one has such high-quality fruit in the bottle and that its product is intended for HORECA chains. The most exclusive restaurants and bars are increasingly looking for our Purées. The possibilities are infinite and it depends only on the creativity of the person performing the service. You can put GUAPPAL Purée in countless cocktails, use it as a dressing for various types of treats, you can refine each shake, fruit salad or smoothie. Create your masterpiece, we have provided you with an ingredient that will make you proud.